> Inland Trucking
   Associated Transport Inc., is one of Taiwan’s largest intermodal container trucking operators, providing inland container drayage and related services.  Backed by its experience and dispatching flexibility, CMT stresses safe, punctual, efficient service and is fully responsive to customers’ requirement of transporting empty/laden containers to designated depot and locations.
  • Long and short haul container drayage

  • Shipside/dock and port container trans-loading

  • Coordinating with customers’ CFS/CY operation

  • Door to Door delivery services

  • Service depots and fully-owned container yards around Taiwan

  • Fully computerized services for customers to get real-time information on the status of their containers

  • Offering of empty-container storage, cleaning, repair, and other logistic support

  • C-TPAT "Container and Seal Inspection

Fleet and Equipments:
  • CMT owns 301 modern tractors

  • CMT owns over 512 semi-tractors

  • CMT’s fleet can handle ISO standard containers and oversized cargoes

  • Genset-equipped trailer trucks suitable to handle long-haul reefer containers

  • Large subcontracted fleet to deal with any container transport requirement

Information Technology :
  • Promote e-commerce by exchanging data directly with containers terminals and shipping lines

  • Develop data Exchange System for customers to get real-time information, place orders, and track status of their containers

  • CMT’s computerized network enables customers and subcontracted fleet to utilize e-commerce in order to improve efficiency

Taipei Headquarters : Chinese Maritime Building 12/F, 15 JiNan Road, Sect 1
Taipei 10051, Taiwan, R.O.C.
Tel: +886(0)2 2357 5862
Fax: +886(0)2 2391 6170
E-mail: hsudavid@agcmt.com.tw