> CMT Logistics Co., Ltd.

> Introduction

•Established in 1975 as “United Terminals Limited” located in Yangmei, Taoyuan County in northern Taiwan, among several industrial zones.
• Inland container terminal of choice for top shipping lines.
• Area coverage of 110,000 square meters.
• Close access (two Kilometers) to the Chung-Shan North-South Freeway.
• Services include : Consolidation, repairs, warehousing, logistics, and distribution centers
• First inland container terminal to obtain ISO9002QA certification (1995).
• First terminal in Taoyuan authorized by Taiwan’s Customs Bureau to operate
independently (2000).
• Became fully owned subsidiary of CMT in September 2004 and changed name to
CMT Logistics Co., Ltd in 2004.
• Obtained ISO9001 QA certification(2006).
• Be awarded certificate as an Authorized Economic Operator (AEO) by Customs
Administration Ministry of Finance (2013), and established a management
orgnaziation to supervise the execution of cargo supply chain.
• Experienced staff and excellent equipment.

Sales & Marketing Dept.     Mr. John Cheng
            Chinese Maritime Building 12/F, 15 JiNan Road, Sect 1
             Taipei 10051, Taiwan, R.O.C.
             Tel: +886(0)2 2357 5814
             Fax: +886(0)2 2341 3539
             E-mail: chengjohn@agcmt.com.tw