> Air Agency & Tourism
• General Sales Agent: Saudi Arabian Airlines in Taiwan.
• Cargo freighter charter operator, focus on Saudi Arabia, the Middle East, Africa and Europe.
• Ticket agency.
• Tour groups and travel packages.

Cargo Space Booking: svcgo@agcmt.com.tw
Tracing for Cargo: http://www.cargoserv.com/tracking.asp
Ticketing/Flight Reservation: svpax@agcmt.com.tw
Chartering: Mr. Kenny Chou
Chinese Maritime Building 12/F, 15 JiNan Road, Sect 1
Taipei 10051, Taiwan, R.O.C.
Tel: +886(0)2 2396 3780
Fax: +886(0)2 2321 6975
E-mail: choukenny@agcmt.com.tw